ECAM-EPMI,General Engineering School has set up a new institution on the Campus Territorial Multisite de Grasse- near Nice, with the opening of a first integrated preparatory class from the start of the 2019-20 academic year!

completely new Campus,led by the City of Grasse and the Pays de Grasse, and deployed in an extraordinary natural, historical and cultural setting, where renowned schools such as EDHEC are already located.

• An exceptional locationa few kilometres from the capital of the Côte d'Azur and a strategic location open to the Mediterranean world;

• Located close to the major roads and transport terminals(International Airport, TGV station, Motorway, Ferry) and the famous innovation hub of Sophia Antipolis;

• A favoured environmentwhere all infrastructure, services, activities and leisure are brought together in the Pays de Grasse for a rich and intense student life;

• An Agile teaching modelin tune with the business world and led by a high-level faculty;

• prestigious manufacturers,GRDF and ENEDISas well as an SMI from the region,ACRI, will conduct, with ECAM-EPMI, R&D projects focused on key themes such asenergy transition and the city of the future.


Les formations proposées
Cycle Préparatoire Intégré
Cycle Ingénieur en apprentissage
Message from the Director

ECAM-EPMIis a Private Higher Education Institution, of Public Interest, under contract with the State, Member of the Conférence des Grandes Écoles and empowered to award Engineering Degrees and Masters Degrees, founding Member of the University Paris-Seine and the ECAM School Network (Catholic Arts and Crafts Schools).

ECAM-EPMI,established 25 years ago, on the initiative of four major industrial groups, under the aegis of the Institut Catholique de Paris, is nowadays known and recognised in the educational field for its dynamism and the quality of its education, and is among the main French engineering schools for integrated preparation, with more than 200 engineers qualifying per year and (1 to 2) start-ups established per year.

ECAM-EPMIalso enjoys a formidable international network, primarily as part of the International Federation of Catholic Universities which has more than 250 universities in the world, and then thanks to specific academic collaborations with some 60 universities in many countries:

  • United States, Canada, Brazil,
  • Russia, Bulgaria, Ukraine,
  • Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Finland, Ireland,
  • China, India, Japan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates,
  • Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Benin.

We are privileged to be partners of major names in the international academic worldlike

  • MIT (Massachussetts Institute of Technology),
  • UCLA (University of California Los-Angeles),
  • Queen’s University,
  • The University of Sao Paulo, and the famous
  • Energy Institute of Moscow.
  • ECAM-EPMIwill mobilise all its energy to bring together around this project all initiatives from the key sectors of the Grasse area: Companies, Communities and Academic Institutions


Press Conference - Grasse, 8 October 2018

Extracts of the Speech by Moumen DARCHERIF

Director General of ECAM-EPMI

Vice-Chair of Paris-Seine University, responsible for student experience